Bath Tray

Bath Tray

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This beautiful bath tray is just what you need to create the ultimate bath experience. Use it to hold a book and a glass of wine or just light a few candles and relax - whichever you choose, it will all be at your fingertips without ever having to leave the water.

Made from pine, it has been stained and waxed smooth to withstand the water and steam of a bathroom. However, I do recommend you wipe your tray down after each use to maintain the finish. It may also be used to hold towels or decor when not in the tub.

Measure your tub across from the outer edges to choose your size. These trays do not have a lip on the bottom to hold them in place to allow for a custom look - if you would like to add that, please send me an email. They are all approximately 10.5" across.

The tray in the photo is stained in Special Walnut.

Please note that each piece of wood is different and the texture/grain in yours may not match the photo exactly.